Semiotic Formula

For this project I had to pick three ideas from the book, “Ideas that Changed the World,” by Felipe Fernandez-armesto. I then had to define each of those ideas with two words that, when added together, would equal the meaning behind that idea. I then created symbols to go along with those two words and combined the symbols to represent the idea pulled from the book.

Exhibition Poster

In this project I needed to create a poster to promote the Fifth Annual Typography Exhibition that the Art and Art History department hosts every year. My idea for this poster was to play with letter forms as shapes to create a playful composition that relates back to the theme of the exhibition while still providing the necessary information to encourage people to come out the exhibition.

Restaurant Branding

In this project I was tasked to create a visual identity system for a fictional restaurant that needed to be interesting, unique and an appropriate concept. I chose to create a plant-based soul food restaurant. For my logo I wanted to make them whimsical, with incorporations of earthy textures and African tribal patterns. Once the logo was completed I was able to add colors that enhanced the concept of this restaurant. This logo was then placed on a stationary set and mocked up on various ephemeras to strengthen my ability to coordinate pieces in the visual identity system for this restaurant

Rebranding: Ephemera Terrarium

For this project I was challenged to find a local business whose logo was either nonexistent or needed a rebrand. I ended up choosing a plant store that primarily focuses on house plants, particularly, terrarium plants. For for this logo I wanted to keep it very whimsical to encapsulate the characteristics of plants while also keeping it structured and contained to represent the terrariums the plants come in.

Baseline Magazine 

In this project I was to create a magazine cover, table of contents, and two spreads of the spotlight article. I decide to pick an article that describes how good design helped U.S National Parks by the implementation of a grid system. I used the topic of the article to influence the theme of maps and nature seen throughout the spread